Integral Pyscho-Spiritual & Grief Support

Providing grief counseling, psychospiritual support, and psychedelic integration

Oren Cox, PhD

Dr. Cox works with private clients helping them work through death and non-death related grief. Dr. Cox has worked with adolescent clients and has experience working with younger children experiencing loss. He can help explain the death process and the grieving process to families, individuals, or children when dealing with anticipatory death. Dr. Cox has experience helping clients come to terms with life-threatening illness.  His doctoral research explored the experiences of individuals diagnosed with life-threatening illness and analyzed the experiences of each individual to find commonalities in resilience. He also provides psycho-spiritual support to individuals struggling in life to find meaning and purpose. Services offered include grief counseling, psycho-spiritual support, and psychedelic integration. Dr. Cox uses the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI), a psychological assessment using colours and shapes based on Jungian psychology, to facilitate a persons in-depth exploration of their psyche and find areas that may need addressed in further support settings.

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